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Do you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day for all your tasks? Running a business isn’t sitting back and drinking martinis on your extended lunch.

It’s hustle and bustle, following up with your team, daily operations, checking in with clients, the list could go on. The last thing you have time for is content and copywriting.

Pssttt… That is where I come in!

Hi, I’m Ejay!

Thank you for dropping by to learn more about me!

I am a B2B content and copywriter for SaaS and Marketing industries. With over 10 years of Marketing coupled with client relations, I understand what your customers are looking for. I have been one of your customers. This gives me a unique insight into helping you add value for your audience and customers.

What I do for you:

  •  Blog Posts
  •  Emails
  •  Case Studies
  •  White Papers

Satisfied Clients


  • Copy Writing
  • Client Relationship Building
  • Marketing
  • Research


Cups of Coffee

“As marketers, we should change the mantra from always be closing to always be helping!”

-Jonathan Lister

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